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Managing media: creating a positive working relationship. This jam-packed work shop explores how entrepreneurs, small business owners, not for profit, and volunteer organizations can learn to create a positive relationship with media outlets. The emphasis is on creating relationships with local media, however the skills provided can be used with any type of media outlet.

Why can’t we just get along? What your employees can teach you about communication in the workplace.  Geared towards owners and managers, this workshop explores how having several different generations in a workplace can impact how communication takes place. This workshop will explore how to create an effective employee communications plan that encompasses multiple generations of workers. It also explores how management communication styles can impact how employees communicate with one another.

Engaging the public: How social media is changing the way businesses engage with their target audience. Social media has made drastic changes in the way businesses communicate with the public. This workshop will explore how you can use social media to create a better communications experience for the public.

Managing mistakes: Staying calm in the eye of the storm.  Intended to be taken after the previous three workshops, this workshop will explore how businesses can effectively communicate in the wake of mistakes. Particular emphasis is put on managing media mistakes, and responding to public misconceptions in a positive manner.

Cost:  Individual workshops are $35 per person.  All individual workshops are 1.5 hours in length. Two workshops can be combined to create a half-day workshop at a cost of $65 per person. All four workshops can be delivered as a full-day workshop at a cost of $125 per person.*

*This price reflects the presenter fee only and does not include additional costs such as room and AV rental, food and beverage purchases, presenter travel fees, etc. 

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